The Target H (The Penetrator, #1) Rendi

Writer: Chet Cunningham | Number of Pages: 129 pages
Date: 06-10-2015 | ISBN: NA

TitleThe Target H (The Penetrator, #1)
Rating (Rating: 2 - 116 votes)
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Total page129 pages
WriterChet Cunningham
The Target H (The Penetrator, #1) Introducing Mark Hardin, "The Penetrator," at war against the L.A. heroin trade. Mark Hardin... He'd learned how in Vietnam: Infiltrate the enemy's position, determine the plan of action and then strike swiftly, taking out as many key men as possible, wreaking destruction, leaving chaos in your wake. He is a new breed of warrior, without uniform, without rank - dedicated to the American way of life, and pledged to fight anyone who seeks to destroy it. On either side of the law. That's why he's in Los Angeles. Just the beginning of a long and lonely series of brush fire wars.…Forbidden Kisses, Welcome to, I Do, Truly Madly, Wicked Charms, A Man, Embodied Hope:, Bad Boy, Minecraft Diary, Absolut tot, Textbook Amy, Pedro P├íramo, American Lion:, The Runaway, A Darkness, La casa, The Hit, Richard III, True Hero, Alice's Adventures
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