Simply Voracious (House of Pleasure #8) Rendi

Writer: Kate Pearce | Number of Pages: 345 pages
Date: 01-01-2012 | ISBN: 0758269463

TitleSimply Voracious (House of Pleasure #8)
Rating (Rating: 3.82 - 568 votes)
ISBN review0758269463
ISBN13 review9780758269461'
Total page345 pages
WriterKate Pearce
Simply Voracious (House of Pleasure #8) Lucinda Haymore is still reeling from the cruel betrayal of a vile seducer. Softly, irresistibly, his profession of love disguised his truer, baser intentions. With the knowledge that her reputation is at stake, she is happy to accept a proposal of marriage in name only from her best friend since childhood...While Paul St. Clare has no interest in consummating his marriage with Lucinda, he has every intention of allowing her to enjoy true physical ecstasy in the hands of another. It's no surprise that he finds an agent more than willing to accommodate his needs in the House of Pleasure. What he doesn't expect is how perfectly the arrangement satisfies everyone's desires...…voracious, house, Sociology, Fantasy, Chick-lit, Health, Inspirational, Writing, Feminism, Business, Chick-lit, Philosophy