Give a Girl a Knife: A Memoir Rendi

Writer: Amy Thielen | Number of Pages: 157
Date: 31-12-1969 | ISBN: 0307954900

TitleGive a Girl a Knife: A Memoir
Rating (Rating: 2 - 7 votes)
ISBN review0307954900
ISBN13 review9780307954909'
Total page157
WriterAmy Thielen
Give a Girl a Knife: A Memoir A beautifully written food memoir chronicling one cook s journey from her rural Midwestern hometown to the intoxicating world of New York City fine dining and back again in search of her culinary roots. Before Amy Thielen frantically plated rings of truffled potatoes in some of New York City s finest kitchens for chefs David Bouley, Daniel Boulud, and Jean-Georges Vongerichten she grew up in a northern Minnesota town home to the nation s largest French fry factory, the headwaters of the fast food nation, with a mother whose generous cooking pulsed with joy, family drama, and an overabundance of butter.Inspired by her grandmother s tales of cooking on the family farm, Thielen moves with her artist husband to the rustic, off-the-grid cabin he built in the woods. There, standing at the stove …Life Expectancy, Control (Songs, Beyond These, La Presa, Vagabond, All You, Mountain Homecoming, Doctor Who, Feels Like, Vittoria: A, Monstruos Modernos, Light in, The Fifth, The Honorable, The Best, Beneath the, No Darkness, Double Love, The Small, The Best
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